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Re: Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

Hi WitchyOne
I know everyone always looks to 5th & 7th for marriages, but I see Midheaven active in a lot in marriage connections. MC shows a change in status, marriage certainly changes status, change in reputation.

With my husband and I our synastry chart we have each other's Sun's in each other's 1st house. My Sun conjuncts his Ascendant but his doesn't aspect my ascendant, just in the 1st. Then his Jupiter exactly conjuncts my N. node in the 7th, and his Moon trines my Sun and is in my 7th house. My Moon hits his Midheaven and mars is in his 10th. Nothing in each other's 5th.

In the composite we have Sun, Mercury & Venus conjunct in the 1st with Jupiter & N. Node opposing from the 7th, again nothing in the 5th. But Uranus & Pluto conjunct in the 10th and Saturn conjunct the IC but not aspecting an opposition to Uranus & Pluto.

The Solar Return chart when we got married MC was active. It is further up the thread. I think a lot depends on the two people, what they're looking for the type of relationship and what kind of karma people have to work out too. I can tell ya that Saturn on the IC in our composite takes its toll, in extended family obligations. The Sun in the 1st sometimes creates a power struggle, not all good, but communication (Mercury) and Love (Venus) helps out a lot.

To get on point, I think the MC is important in relationships, I've seen some where the personal planets aspect both the MC and the IC, especially in relationships where they have to balance home responsibilities with social/career obligations as well. Couples with a public standing or position of leadership in their communities.

The chart up the thread looks interesting with the ruler of the 7th on the MC, would seem to be a marriage - change in status indication to me, but I haven't looked at the whole chart much.

Hope that's helpful!

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