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Re: Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

Never form a conviction of someone as contemptible or otherwise on the grounds of their chart configuration alone, which is an erroneous action.
- ImNotThere9

isn't that just OUTRIGHT annoying!!!!??
there are Senior members in here with over 1000 posts that are FAMOUS for this!

Never try to disprove someone on the count of your experience!!!
your experience is a twinkle on the grand scale of this craft if you're using it to pick people apart. Being an astrologer for 30 years and not knowing how to "feel" anything makes you a "titlist". Astrology in this era isn't a couple of degrees, angles and planets that make connections so you can assemble a theory using logic alone. There is a deep dark world of knowledge, one that shows itself according to how ready the student is.
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