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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Basically you read it the same way that you would read a midpoint composite chart. The two types of charts are both composites, but one is based on the average of two planetary locations in the horoscope: for example, the midpoint between 0 degrees Aries and 0 degrees Aquarius is 0 degrees Pisces. The Davison chart averages your birth locations and birth times.

To read either type of composite, just recognize that it is the chart of the relationship as an entity-- not of two different people. The sun is the identity of the relationship, Mercury shows communication in the relationship, the ascendant shows what the relationship looks like to other people, &c. As in a natal chart, squares and oppositions show stresses, sextiles and trines show harmony. With the conjunctions it depends on the planets.
What would the composite jupiter in the 8th house mean?
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