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I decided to open this topic and ask for help. I have family problems. My parents cannot accept who I am, my mother is dominant, she makes decisions for me, she always thinks she knows the best, and she is my biggest restriction in this life. A year ago I told them about my real sexuality, and then the horror started. They control my going outs, haven't seen friends for awhile, and I'm at home all the time, waiting for my life to start. They are so selfish, they think about what will others say about me if they find out, they want me to marry a girl and have kids etc. I'm a law student, but I don't find myself in Law. I have a guy abroad waiting for me to come, and we are planning to do it next year (February or March). I want to ask you, should I leave my family and start a new life, but I need to mention that in that case, I will lose my family. It's so hard decision. Also, I wanted to ask you about my future career. I'm into astrology (do I have psychic ability?), anthropology, classical studies or maybe literature. So what is the best choice for me in life? And will I have enough money for myself? Thank you.
T.T I accidentally deleted. Your fourth house is in aquarius which is clear that you don't fit in your family my forth house is in saggitarius. You strive freedom. I think you should free yourself. It's also square your moon, Mars, saturn pluto if I remember. Your second house is in saggitarius luck is in your hands when you make money. (Jupiter) 10th house in leo get a job that make you shine and thrive. If you're interested in astrology become an astrologer and help people. This is just brief.

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