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Originally Posted by sadge View Post
It sounds like you're keeping a cool head.

All relationships offer a lot of growth opportunity, so I don't mean to discourage you from the experience. I only wanted you to be realistic on what to expect.

But really, anything is possible. I firmly believe (and know!) that two totally mismatched people in the worst possible way could find a means to make it work for the rest of their lives. Anything is possible. It's just a matter of what you want. Some relationships require a LOT of accommodating and compromising and.....sacrificing who you are meant to be as an individual. But when it feels really good, it feels so good, just for being yourself.

I want everyone to be empowered and a stronger version of themselves because of their relationships, not a weaker version. That's how I look at synastry.

Try the dating thing for a while...just take it one step at a need to rush at your age, right?
Soo yeah things blew up.her parents threatened to shoot us both if I brought her back so she's been staying with me. Honestly I've never found myself to be as honest to anyone as I am her and the whole situation is complicated and kind of scary. But I can't let her end up back at her families or her ex because of how bad it was.

Seems I'm already neck deep lol. But it seems like we get along great. It's everyone else that seems to have a problem with it ._.
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