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Re: Saturn in 4th house end of matter??

Originally Posted by Bluebell87 View Post
Ahhh ok, thanks for clearing that up. I'm kinda curious what you got about his family in the horary? I've came to that conclusion that it's defo over for the foreseeable future, but still curious.
It was more intuitive than a technical horary aspect, but...

10th house rules the mother in Horary (she is in his 8th house of loss or endings, in Libra)
Sun = him
Saturn = husbands (or if you want to tweak it a little, father figures)

Furthermore the significator for his dad is in there too as Mercury (but you're Mercury initially so I'm sure there's a reason Mercury couldn't signify his dad too)

The whole group and placements just gave me the feeling maybe his family discouraged him from seeing you again because you weren't the girl they saw fitting in his future, that they have an idea of who they want him to end up with and he takes this very seriously.
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