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Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
Ugh yeah
I so know the feeling. All of the guys I like say they're "honest" but they're never honest with me. They say they're assertive and initially come off as having assertive personalities but then they run like cowards at the slightest sign of confrontation. They never want to be held accountable for their ****.
yesss exactly!!!! He said 'he isn't some timid guy who needs to think of excuses,' but by lying or not just being honest, it's completely selfish!! But it's ok for him to get jealous?? yeah, right. It would have been so much easier if he just said 'yeah I'm having casual relations with someone but I still like talking to you.' It's not romantic, its maybe not even right for me to keep talking to him, whatever, but tell me the truth so I don't need to waste my time wading through the confusion!!
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