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Re: Saturn in 4th house end of matter??

Originally Posted by Bluebell87 View Post
Yeah I wasn't sure what Jupiter all on his lonesome in the 2nd house meant. We do clash on our methods of doing things. He says he likes honesty but it's become apparent he values personal freedom more, which means he got angsty when I asked him if he was hooking up with someone while we were talking. He said 'it's none of my business,' whereas I would have just told the other person the truth, so they knew where they stood at all times.

I won't hold my breath but it's nice to know there is some warm feeling towards me...helps me to take it less personally!!
Ugh yeah
I so know the feeling. All of the guys I like say they're "honest" but they're never honest with me. They say they're assertive and initially come off as having assertive personalities but then they run like cowards at the slightest sign of confrontation. They never want to be held accountable for their ****.
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