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Re: Saturn in 4th house end of matter??

Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post
Hey can you check what jacobson has to say about it?
Hmm... haven't found anything directly mentioning the importance of the axis but amidst other stuff I did find: Significator in afflicted aspect to Jupiter: loss through over-optimism, extravagance, self-indulgence, strangers, in-laws, travel, legacies.

Interesting to note Moon is about to move into the 9th house, and Saturn is in the turned 10th.

Is he or you moving away for college / grad school, or starting that type of schooling soon?

Sun / Saturn in his turned 10th and him exalted in Libra also aspecting Saturn, but with you as Mercury... hmm. There is a lot of insecurity between you two? I'm getting more than that about what kind of person he is but for now - insecure is the best way to describe it.

Jupiter in good aspect to Saturn means "gain by accepting senior advice and playing a shrewd waiting game. Time given, probation allows & punishment withheld or delayed." Interesting because my intuitive thought about Sun / Saturn meant something to do with his family, but it's a formless theory atm.

Also, wouldn't Moon / Mercury mean she will find out soon enough?

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