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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post
I have Sun on the SN as well, as you saw. Mine's worse though being NN ruler, and having maybe more planets around the SN. I think with these type of charts it must be to do with balancing the polarity and the energies right, and mayeb not trying to outright move away from a tendency so much, as it's impossible..perhaps more about integrating both energies, using the NN to make sure your SN/Sun traits don't fall into their worst expression, are made to their best to benefit the rest of the chart?
Oh! I didn't notice you had the SN/Sun conjunction as well. You are onto something...we have to find balance. It's not all or nothing. That's my MO as well. Yes, and for you with Sun conjunct SN being the ruler of the NN. How do you interpret that? I guess you've said it's all about balance as you won't ever be able to move absolutely away from the SN?

And I think I take that away also for me...with the SN/NN in opposite signs in their opposite houses it's the same:

I can't leave my Gemini SN traits behind completely as my NN is in the 3rd, the Gemini house! God I love that. Super convenient! And on top of that: move away from 9th house Sagittarius matters to embrace my NN in Sagittarius. A fool's errand.

I need to write down practical examples of this, it's so abstract. I'll post this also in aspects later, for everyone who has this nodal/opposite sign house issue. We can't be the only ones with a confusing SN/NN message, Chillaxer?!
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