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Re: Basic question - Who likes who more?

I think the two quotes in #1 below may be saying the same thing. See what I wrote below in red.

Originally Posted by aniani View Post
Hello everyone. I've been looking at archived relational horaries to practice reading what I've been learning. However, I am confused and hence my two queries below and I wonder if someone could help me an answer

1. If the quesited is in the ascendant or conjunct the ascendant, is it the querent who's more interested or queisted who's more interested? I'm confused because of Lilly :

When the lord of the ascendant is in the 7th the querent loves best and when the lord of the 7th is in the ascendant the quesited loves best

This is how I understand what he said:
When the lord of the ascendant is in the 7th the querent loves quesited best,
when lord of the 7th is in the ascendant, the quesited loves querent best.

And I think the next quote below may say the same thing when you look at what I added to help clarify.

and he also says

Contrary to all the rules of the Ancients, I have ever found, that when the Lord of the 7th hath been in the Ascendant, the Querent hath loved [Quesited] most, and when the Lord of the Ascendant was in the 7th, the Quesited loved [Querent] best.

2. This always gets me. When a querent is in a sign that exalts quiested, does it mean the querent or quesited is more interested?
If the querent is in the exaltation sign of quesited [and there is no other reception between them] then quesited is the more inclined.
Quesited exalts a querent that is donned in the sign of quesited's exaltation:
Quesited is inclined towards what it sees.
Thank you very much
Your questions reflect the thought you have put into understanding the material. Good for you and I hope what I have written here may help.

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