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Re: does he like me at all please help

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
There is going to be communication between you. But there is lack of reception. I think yes he likes you, Saturn trines ASC, and Venus (you as a woman) exalts and aspect Saturn, so as you said there is flirtation, most likely more from you than him. There is no aspect with Sun and no reception. I dare say its going to stay the way it is, I don't think he sees you as relationship potential.

I guess you can try and make stronger attempts, but probably nothing much will happen. I'm more interested in Mercury getting cozy with Sun. Is there perhaps someone else around you? I don't think Mercury is this guy.

Thank you very much for the analysis. Yes, there is a colleague, a men, who is trying to make me believe that he is not good for me but there is no chemistry between us. There is another co-worker, a woman, she seems to like him and is very egocentric and gets very aggressive when he is flirting with me. The strange thing is that I feel karmic connection to this men and we instantly clicked. Do you think he is expecting a stronger, more obvious sign from me that I genuinely like him or the placement of mercury indicates someone else coming into my life?
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