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Re: Does he likes me at all?

Originally Posted by Kacci View Post
I am in love with some guy. And we are friends. So my question is does he likes me? I mean like a man loves a women?

"Like a man loves a woman" means usually not only sex (here your Venus), but personality (here your Jup) mainly.

We can see your (Jup) reception to him (Mer) by term and decanate. It certainly says about your love feelings to him, but not very strong.
As for him, his Mer is in the sign of your, Jup, detriment (Gem). It seems he doesn't have any real love feelings to you. However, he has the reception to your female nature (sex, here Venus), not more, not to you as a personality, Jup (in love sense, of course, in the sense of question!!!). But friendship is an another thing ruled by the 11th (here not questioned).

There are neither applying aspects between Mer and Jup nor his good reception to you nor any other significant clues as to his real love. The Moon in detriment seems not to help as well (though it has too weak reception to both but not more). I don't think this chart is very good, just a flirt or an addition to your friendship... Yuri.

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