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Re: Does he likes me at all?

Originally Posted by kimbermoon View Post
the trends for relationships are not all that promising currently with Saturn in Scorpio and in this case sequestered in the 12th h; the law of attraction is not so very active right now. Venus and Mars at opposition can be interrupting the process of making connections with others. Sun separating from the opposition with Saturn is not overly promising either. Personal problems and concerns may be causing many to step back from the initiation of new relationships...since no once is responding quickly to this horary question I suggest that it may be more helpful to post your natal chart in 'read my chart' section in addressing the question....
KM, since this is the horary forum let's try to address it using horary techniques? Especially since you are so close and almost using them anyway?

As an aside, there are relationship horaries posted every day and not all astrologers here at AW are reading every day...

Kacci, you are Jupiter and he is Mercury. Currently, your significators are well dignified (Jupiter exalted, though in the 8th house of fear and unconfigured to the ASC, indicates overblown expectations of what could happen and an inability to steer the ship, so to speak.) Mercury is in domicile in his own 1st house, clearly telling us that he is more into what he has going on right now than he is in a relationship with you. Your chart is also very obviously indicating that you are going to push for a change in relationship status. I would caution you to be careful about doing that right now, but...the next aspect of the Moon tells us what will happen next.

Moon in Capricorn is debilitated for being in her detriment. Applies next to a retograde Mars in his own detriment, in the 11th sign of trust and friendship. Mars will return (the nature of retrogradation) what Moon is pushing, but Mars receives Moon from his own exaltation. There is opportunity here. It just isn't the right exact moment to do something about it. That said...yeah. He does have feelings for you. He just doesn't realize it yet.

As Jupiter, your next applying aspect is a trine with retrograde Saturn in your 12th house of self undoing. Jupiter exalted expects, and Saturn in Scorpio is like...oh, heck no. You need to ask it love, or is it friendship? And, if you think it's love and then it goes south, will you miss or regret the friendship?
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