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Re: Court Case from my wife// Help with accurate prediction

*** Non-Astro suggestion ***

Suman, you need to concrete help and guidance. If this is related with 498a or anything similar it can ruin your life and that of your parents. Contact SIFF or Confidare or other Men's Rights organisations in India, they have the expertise to help men in your situation.

Drop me a message if you want to discuss details.

Originally Posted by suman View Post
Dear Sir,

My DOB is 30-11-1976, Time: 11:21 AM, Place:- Danapur, Bihar, India
My Wife's DOB is 28-09-1980, Time: 2:10 AM, Place:- Kolkata, West Bengal, India

She has put wrong and false case allegations and want huge alumni from me since court case May'2012. She has also accused my widow mom, my brother. We are having sleepless night although nothing unwanted happen yet. Looking forward to your insight as what is the outcome of this case? Permanent Separation/Divorce/Reunion- What is the end result. When can I expect to get rid of this situation? Will I be looser and pay huge money as per her expectation. Kindly help with with expert/accurate prediction.

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