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Re: Feeling lonely at workplace,what to do?

Originally Posted by turkish girl View Post
I have never been a social one since til these years.Usually spent my time usually alone,either studying or doing things alone.

I have had very complex family environment that usually being insulted,unloved and all.Mainly people love their highschool years but i hate it.All i remember these years i had only one close friend and talking other people but not close.Not partying because my home was very far away and i had no money to spend.

When i entered MD,I was shocked that every student comes from wealthy family.I was one of few whose parents did not go to college.I could not tell anyone about my issues becase they were not mature enough like me to understand them.

At my family circle we have always been criticized by uncles,grandparents and other relatives.Because of they did not love my father they did not love and appreciate us.Even they got surprised how i became a doctor.

Now at my workplace it is same with college environment.I have no one around who faced hardships like mine.They all are spoiled children.And they are talking about some silly fashions or tv series which i have no idea.

They are surprised that i dont know luxury brands or i did not go to expensive places in my younger years.To sum up i have nothing common with them except being a doc.

The last red line was one of them kinda insulted my husband not being a doctor and getting low salary then us.So now i dont want my husband enter this kinda environment because i am got bored of all these.But its hard for me because we work at same building.

I am the one who is doing best job here.Everyone says i am the best one here and they wanna have shifts with me.They says its easy.

I dont mean I wanna be friend with them but why i just cant find a place i am comfortable in.

İt is like why i am not accepted?Why i have to feel i lack something?Why they are so lucky that faced nothing just enjoyed life while i cried every single day.

My husbands parents are very nice people.Maybe because they are not educated much i am like a professor at his home because i am a doctor.Maybe his mother made much more compliment about my beauty and persona in this 2 years than my Real mother.Is this a coincidence?

What can you suggest me?I want a nice friend who is mature enough like me.I dont like society dynamics in my current City and i dont want to work with those superficial, materialistic,gossipping people.

My work is easy here so i just dont want to change it because of silly people?

I kind of withdraw myself from people.Isolated myself not talk to much.

Am i destined to be a loner?

here is chart

Hi Turkish Girl!
I'm not dismissing your situation, but you aren't a complete loner. You are married and seem to be with someone you love and admire. That's good.

I think many people feel like it's difficult to relate to people who come from completely different backgrounds. You are obviously a deep person and you don't care for the shallowness you see around you. Join the club! It's easy for me to feel that way as well. Not everyone goes very deep.

Virgo rising with Sun in the 6th does spell MD. Congratulations for following your most spiritual path. You also have a lot of planets in the 6th house - in Aquarius, the humanitarian. But the 6th house is all about service to others. The 6th house is an earth house with Saturn in it. Virgo rising is an earth sign. Taurus MC is an earth sign. You are all about being serious and working. Earth energy is all about getting things done.

You have a bowl chart pattern with all your planets in one half of the chart. The focal point is Taurus, MC - so you truly are a very focused person. And yet, this is where your past life wound is as well. In your past life you also worked very hard - and you took a lot of responsibility for other people. You probably wore yourself out dedicating yourself to others. In this life, you are suppose to learn to nurture yourself more - to expand yourself beyond the work, work, work themes in your life.

Chiron in Virgo on the ASC suggests that you can be very critical of others as well as yourself - one or the other or both. I think what you have to understand is that not everyone is here on earth to do the same thing. Not everyone is so focused on work as you. People have different needs, wants, desires and life purpose.

Yes, some people are very shallow and don't care about others. They are immature and selfish. But, there are people who may not be so serious as you, but still have their own kind of wisdom. Aquarius can be rather smug about what they know and feel a bit superior and not even know they are doing that. Aquarius can indeed be very smart, but it thinks it is far wiser than it really is - sometimes. Maybe you don't fit this description - but - maybe you do.

People are people - and they come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and maturity. We have to accept them for who they are - or go crazy. It can be difficult for Aquarius to resonate with others, because it likes being different, likes having its unique ideas, and all about being brilliant. So, in a way, you aren't really attuned to blending in the first place.

Maybe over time you can practice trying to see people's wisdom or strengths, even if they first appear shallow or immature. Maybe you can lower your standard a bit and try to relate to the good they offer. Your Moon in the 12th is the opposite of the Virgo rising, as Pisces rules the 12th naturally - and perhaps - this is a good placement for letting go of criticisms and judgments - and try on some new attitudes about people. You might even have fun doing this - being creative about the different ways you might experience people. Maybe they can teach you to have more fun and be less serious all the time.

Anyway, we can't change people, but we can change ourselves, so, this is where I usually go in my advice. We won't like everyone at work, but there may be one or two that you might learn to appreciate and become friends with. Chances are, with so many planets in the lower right quadrant, you will be quite sensitive to how others relate to you. But knowledge is power. You can tame your reactions in time and work at being less sensitive.
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