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Re: My neighbor

Let's take you as Jup and your neighbor, ruled by the 3rd house of neighbors, as Mars.
You/Jup are very strong in this matter, in your dignity in Pisces. You are very interested in your neighbor/Mars, since Mars is in the sign of your/Jup's exaltation. In fact, your neighbor is in the 7th house of your relationship interest.
He/Mars on the other hand is very weak in the matter, in the sign of Mars' fall. His reception/interest in you is indifferent, neither favorable nor unfavorable.neutral. This is restated by there being no aspect anytime soon between your two significators; they are disjunct. So it is unlikely that this is on his radar.
The very late rising degree points to the querent already knowing the answer to the question or the answer being a forgone conclusion. Much will likely change in this matter since both Asc and Moon are about to change sign. But Moon's next aspect is with benefic Venus by square. So this is not looking too favorable.

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