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Originally Posted by Ouranos View Post
Hello Kholod,

As you mention, the bond is still very strong between you
- Moon ASC in the Bound of Venus in 7th(love) but detriment of MercuryL7(hate)
- JupiterL1 in the Bound and Triplicity of Venus in 7th
- MercuryL7 ruled by the MoonASC and Exaltation and Bound of JupiterL1 (He is still obsessed with you)
- Venus in 7th Peregrine and in Detriment of Jupiter(hate)

JupiterL1 Fall, Detriment, Retro, Out of Sect in Detriment of Moon (Be kind to yourself) but the Moon in an angle gives you strength in making changes through accidental power. Changes are made confidently and out in the open.
ASC Sagittarius with JupiterL1 Fall and R in 2nd House of food. Try to focus on a healthy diet (lots of grains, fruits and vegetables) coupled with ASC and Moon Fire sign + Planetary Hour of Mars (Hot and dry). Cool down by getting in touch with Nature (Earth element) and avoid meat (which increases attachment to the material world) and spicy foods (Mars).

Upcoming: Moon trine Mars Aries in 4th (strong support from your family), opposition Venus (showing a symbolic parting of the ways, an aspect of regret), trine Fortuna and conjunct South Node (Vedic tradition says it brings sorrow but also release and transformation)

Dear Ouranos thankyou for your reply maybe yes there is a strong bond between us but nothing will happen I threw him away of my heart and my mind. I hate him.So I should take care of my health as you advised me thankyou very much.
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