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Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
Neptune (dreams) conjunct the venus/Moon midpoint is the cause of this. Its not something you need to be acting on, it will pass.

Pluto is conjunct Jup/Sat midpoint so even if you did try and act on these woken feelings it wouldnt get you anywhere.

Nep=Sat/Ura i can see here that this guy made you feel weak, the separation left you feelind sad and lost for a while after.

I also think subconciously you are looking to be admired Su=Ve/Mc you want to be noticed and for guys to find you attractive to enable you to fall in love again.
So maybe this aspect of things has also caused the dreams of your ex.

Just don't act on what you think you are feeling as its not real. And it will pass.
Thankyou very much Chrysalis for yor reply. You are right I don't feel any thing now still Iam strong and no dreams now any more.. subconciously yes Iam looking to be admired first of all because I deserve that more than any thing.. Thank you dear and sorry for my late reply.
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