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Court hearing - thoughts?

I have an unfortunate family situation. I am applying for guardianship of our mother with my sister. Brother has current responsibility for mom right now. Court date is on Tuesday Aug 4. The first court date was April 6 but rescheduled due to COVID. The second court date was July 20 but the court clerk gave the wrong virtual courtroom which means this is now the third court date.

I had an inkling that the July 20 date wouldn’t be fruitful because Uranus is in 7. The July 20 Result was because of a virtual error, which is clearly Uranus, and by other people. But then I realized, Uranus is still in 7, and it will always be in 7 because of the times for this particular matter for court. Then I thought, am I the disruptor because I am bringing this action against my brother for my mother’s benefit?

Mom incidentally is a Libra. Brother is a Scorpio. I’ve included both our charts here as synastry with the court chart. Brother chart one, me chart two. I am trying to read them. This is what I have so far:

I have always been the “rebel” or “outcast” in my family, so maybe I am Uranus. My brother has Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn happening in his third, of siblings, and I know that he will cut ties with my sister and I - he already has pretty much. We are holding him accountable. I am mom’s POA and will be starting an action against him after this court date is done. I am sad about all this but he has forced our hand and I don’t really feel we have a choice.

The matter as identified by the ascendant ruler, Venus, is in 8 - other peoples resources, house of death/transformation. The Sun and Mercury are in 9, house of law. Mom is the moon in 4. My ruler is Jupiter, and it is in his third. Sister is Scorpio as well, she is Pluto also in third. Neptune is in the house of children. Are we delusional in our hopes or do you think it is my brother who is delusional? Many of these planets and points are ending degrees, which I think means it will be resolved, and will be a turning point.

My question is, how can I determine the outcome of the hearing? What am I looking for? And have I read it right so far?

Thank you.
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