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Re: New Ideas: Horary Charts (how to interpret) **

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
For those who do not know

the following are "the standard horary rules"
this is indeed a short guide to horary my dear Jupiter!!!You are amazing as always!!!!! and of course many thanks to BobZemco! one correction though..usually when we speak about essential and accidental dignities/debilities in horary we don't usually use the term "out of sect", which derives from Hellenistic school of thought...just saying that in case members of this forum try to find out their use in horary ..i think oriental, occidental, halb, hayz celestial latitude ..etc among other considerations would be just fine
I would like also to add: we don't ask the same question again and again..trying to trick the stars for a positive answer to our question and be sceptic regarding “strictures against judgment" concerning radicality of the chart, void moon...etc..There is always a reason why the chart gives us, for example, a late or an early asc ...we just have to find the reason.The context must always be our guide
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