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Re: Will we be together ever again?

He is self-involved, focused on himself, with his/Venus being in his own/7th house. You/Mars are the more interested and pursuing of the two of you with Mars the faster moving planet. And while he/Venus was very recently retrograding back toward you, that movement has reversed itself as Venus just stationed direct. The somewhat inflated feelings he/Venus had for you based on his/Venus receiving you/Mars by exaltation will very soon change, as Mars moves into Aries. Venus does not receive Mars in Aries well.

The applying sextile you describe between Mars and Venus suggests that you may in fact get together. But I don't see it as satisfying for you; his feelings will not be the same as they were.

Moon's next aspect, as indicator of the question's unfolding, is an opposition to Mars. This does not bode well.

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