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Re: Will we be together ever again?

Thank you so much for your time Ouranus, that was extremely interesting!

My initial intuition was, that we will try to be together, but I will be the one who will resign after a short time, and it will happen when I will be to tired to chase him.

I chased him for almost a year, and after I gave up because he treated me as a friend and "just the other girl waiting for me at the bench", he started chasing me, so we were together for a while but he broke up with me (hurtfully), getting mad, that I'm not longer fighting, and he has no power over me.

He was trying to initiate a contact again, and I told him that I need him to be sure, so now he's not sure

I've never heard about square mars/node, but its very interesting.

I've realised that mars will be making a sextile to venus after leaving the sign, so I thought I will heal, or stop caring after a first fight, realising that nothing has changed about him.

I'm really curious how the story is going to end, but definitely will update here

Thank you!
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