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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

The correct response to Pluto happening is, dive deep. Pluto is the big stuff, like you get drafted, or your Dad dies, the hurricane hits, or there are no jobs - don't resist, dive with the currents. According to astrology you knew coming in that these important not-really-personal happenings were going to indeed happen.

Saturn is about overcoming fear, and rolling up your sleeves, and doing it. Saturn is your teacher and trainer within, the grown up you hope to become. If you have a goal, like making the Olympic team, you love your coach! Saturn and your Squares actually show you the way through to success, by your own standards. It is only when you resist growing up, resist getting really involved and productive, that you experience Saturn ala Tough Love.

These heavy transits involving Pluto on folk's Saturns (and/or Neptune/Uranus) and Saturn on folk's Plutos Squared Uranus, show the way through, show how you can use the times to self actualize. Your Capricorn House, and your Scorpio House and your Aries House, those three areas of your life, whatever they are, be sure to give each of them attention every week. The archetypes in Squares, natally or by transit, need separate times and separate commitments - and do not make one more important than the other.

For example, both my 9th and 10th Houses are Capricorn, my 7th House is Scorpio and I have Aries intercepted in my 12th. So, 1. I must do my Craaapy gig, teaching, and 2. dive deep and give and receive energy in my marriage and partnerships, AND 3. I need to meditate, and/or serve the poor, or sick. If I schedule time for each of these activities each day, or each week, then I am aligned with the Force of these transits. Getting in the way of, or out of balance with these transits is not so fun.

So look and see in your scope what House is Capricorn, Scorpio, and Aries, and commit to those Houses at this time in history.

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