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Re: 12th house planets

Originally Posted by andrea
well he has a trine of venus (12th), Mars (8th) and Uranus(4th) in air
and I made mistake before
it's Saturn opposing Neptune & Jup
Hi, I'm a modern astrologer that uses Equal house and of course, like everyone else has used the default on of Placidus....

Therefore, each cusp =16'24" and natal Venus is in 11th house but conj 12th
Pluto and uranus are in 3rd not 4th . Pluto conj IC suggests some kind of abuse in childhood and co-ruler mars is placed in the 8th house of sex.....

Saturn opp Neptune = fear of unknown and poss depressive
Sun quincunxs Neptune from 12th to 5th

Your energy tends to be directed unrealistically. Your own sense of self changes as you learn from your own misappraisals of situations that are important to you. If you feel drained or frustrated it is always helpful to look at your overall direction in life and determine if you have taken on more through your high ideals than your physical vitality can sustain. It is always worthwhile to see how your ideas are received by others, to see if you can involve them in your vision. When you can't, avoid trying to do everything yourself. Slow down, "if it is worth having it is worth waiting for."

Sun Quincunx (Inconjunct) Jupiter
Laziness or overextension is a big problem for you at certain points in your life. Any personality difficulties you have (including issues of value) are cleared up through ever deepening self appraisal and honest reflection on how past expectations match your history.

To have all those planets in the 12th house suggests he needs alone time, isolation, breathing space and will prob be very private person, doesn't express his emotions easily

With MC 26' Pisces transiting uranus will conj his MC middle May this year for months, on/off which suggests a career break/job change. has free six month transit forecaster

Mars square Jupiter from 8th (other people's money) tok 5th house of love affairs, children, self employment, recreation etc suggests confidence and poss over confidence cos of Neptune may 'fudge' the boundaries and get carried away. But 5th house is also the house of 'gambling' and obviously that's where he takes risks...

Cancer Asc suggests being family orientated, sensitive,psychic, but moody, could play on people's feelings (as can any water sign) His MC in Pisces and deposited in 5th house again suggests the connection to risk taking/gambling. How he earns his money 2nd house is ruled by Leo, so lots of pride involved, poss leader, very bossy, organised and would want to be centre of attention, would like property also.

As far as psychic goes moon trine mars and venus trine mars would say yes, But venus in Gemini is the 'most fliratious' sign you can have it in (in my opinion of course....)

Sun square Pluto and Mercury Square pluto, if needs be can be brought out of the 'back storeroom' if you like in cases of emergency to act...

I would expect him to be rather moody sulky, sensitive, family orientated, bit crabby, do anything for anyone type of person, very self sacrificing
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