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Re: 12th house planets

I am curious about planets that fall in the 12th house
Hi Andrea,

The 12th house carries Piscean qualities, being the natural house of Pisces. This house is about self-retreat, introspection, even melancholy and solitude, where the subconscious/ the soul is said to be best at work. It is also ascribed the qualities of compassion, spirituality, reaching beyond the tangible with an urge to merge with the universe, as the soul tries to go beyond the confines of the human body and the material life, in general. On a more sombre and worldly note, this house is also associated with hospitals, hidden enemies, prisons as well as the secret affairs of the heart.

I have a friend Asc 16 degrees Cancer in the 12th house he has sun & mercury in early cancer, Moon & Venus in Gemini also his sun/merc/moon oppose Neptune in sag conj Jup in Scorp in 5th
Well, with so much of water in his chart through all those personal planets in Cancer, in the 12th house, as well as with Neptune aspecting his/her personals, the native can be quite sensitive towards his surroundings, be quite emotionally sensitsed, have a tendency to approach life more through feeling than thinking. This person could also have quite sensitive antennae, so all these factors could give him/her the ability to feel him/herself into others, perhaps be psychic, if you so like. This person would not mind solitude, perhaps even live in a world of his own, a bit away from reality (Neptune's opps).

Hope this helps,

By the way, I have moved your thread (leaving a redirect for convenience's sake) to the 'Greenhorns Lounge', as thread-starters need to include their own astro interpretation when posting on other boards.

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