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Re: 12th house planets

Can you give the person's birth data? Reading a chart just from one house doesn't work well.
Very often a person with many planets in the 12th does better in life than just one or two.
In general, the 12th is a subliminal house of semi-conscious energy and very tricky to read without a full chart.
They say the 12th house is the house of sacrifice.... where you subconsciously sabotage yourself.
But it can also mean being very spiritual, psychic, philanthropic, or someone whose career is 12th house.... as a nurse (hospitals), prison worker, hypnotist, researcher (being alone a lot), doctor, spy (really), member of an underworld organization (MAFIA), or just someone who needs a lot of secrecy in his/her life..... so.... you see.... the 12th house can cover a lot of ground.

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