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Re: Do you see any significant progressions for love here

Originally Posted by bibi12 View Post
Uff, its useless then. Could you tell me one more thing? I recently had transit Jupiter trined my venus, and the whole passed year I have transit Uranus also trine my Venus (I will have this tranist till the end of the January 2011). There is a girl I started liking last year, is there any chance to happen anything significant with her while this transit last? And thank you again for your answering.
Transits don't work that way.

Your significators for romantic relationships are Mercury (7th House Ruler) and Mars (5th House Ruler) and I'm guessing the Sun (probably the Almuten of the 5th House at that degree), your Ascendant Ruler Jupiter and the Almuten of the Chart (probably Jupiter who is the Sign, Triplicity and Term Ruler of 9 Sagittarius and Term Ruler of the Moon).

The general significators for women are Moon and Venus.

A single aspect is not enough to trigger any major changes. You'll multiple aspects between transiting and natal Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars and Jupiter and one of them should be transiting the 11th, 1st, 5th or 7th Houses.
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