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Natal Part of Fortune conjunct Pluto

Hi, I just found out my birth time is 3 minutes later than I thought, which doesnít change much but it does put my Part of Fortune exactly on Pluto, at 26į Libra in the 5th. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight into what it means for me? Itís also conjunct Saturn + Spica with a 3į orb, which are on 23į. The only other major aspect is a sextile with Sagittarius Neptune in the 7th. The PoF ruler, Venus, is in Libra in the 4th, conjunct Sun and retrograde Mercury.

As far as I can discover it means I would be good at detective work (amateur sleuth, yes), running my own business (have mostly done that) or if working, I would be best with small group of colleagues. Also itís well placed for income in the 5th house but the Saturn conjunction is a bit problematic.

Im thinking itís something about writing which reveals some hitherto unknown things..

Anyway, I would be really grateful for some ideas!
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