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Re: Team leader is leaving: Will my team be disolved


soooo been looking at this chart for a while ..
here are my thoughts

If you get laid off this will be a good thing for you because jup lord of 10th cannot handle anything of it own.
A. it is in fall
B. in 12th house
C. retro

NEW responsibilities would be saturn increasing the light. Here we dont see this. Saturn is still in retro state..

Are you in tech industry? Engineering / building something?

I think there will be a layoff. here is why
You are saturn ... the job is Jup, sun just left jup to oppose saturn. Sun exalts jup but hates you. plus it is in your 6th house. someone really reallly cannot you.
moon conj 4th house in 4degrees is not making me happy (layoff right around that time? Yeah moon sextiles mars lord of 2nd
I would not hold on to this job if i were you.. nothing supports tthat this joint is any good.. also lord of 6fh house enviroment is the moon..

I only read horary charts. Include your own interpretation. I don't care how desperate you are. I am not IKEA tech support or I will bill you $99.99 per minute
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