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Re: Own children

Originally Posted by Star Light View Post
Isn't 5th house children (in general), then 1st child is 7H, 2nd child 9H and 3rd child 11H, therefore 1st pregnancy 8H, 2nd pregnancy 10H and then 3rd pregnancy 12H? That's how I understood it, of course I may be completely wrong. I have very little knowledge, if any, not to mention horary which I don't really understand (yet).
There are multiple ways to read the houses. It gets very complicated very fast.

For simplicity's sake, use the fifth house for pregnancy and children. If and when you have actual children, and learn more astrology, you might see something of your first child in your seventh house. Or not. There's the stuff astrologers have written, as sweeping generalizations, and there's the test of lived human experience. Your lived experience might or might not match the sweeping generalizations.
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