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Re: New on English astrology forum

hi pandalover.

the composite you sent me is quite challenging .

mars is conjunct o orcus and nessus is conjunct the node. these are both aspect showing him to be very selfish and insensitive your emotional needs.

vensu is sextiel to pluto and trine to Neptune which does give a sensitive and supportive emotional feeling between you
the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct to Neptune which also gives a very romantic and idealistic emotional feeling between you.but the sun and moon are square Neptune. while this does show that you feel affection strongly for him, the square itself suggest that there are emotional issues that are not being talked about. this pattern can often show someone who is seeing and feeling what they want to see but not really what is there.

I think this is th ecase for you as the many selfish aspect could negate the affectionate feeling he has.

Jupiter is opposed to eris which shows that you and he get along very well and enjoy being with each other and experiences life together.

ceres is conjunct the descendant and opposed to thesun and the moon which shows that you deeply care about him and fee l very protective of him as well as wanting to help him as you can.

the node and nessus are quintile to Saturn which again shows he is very controlling and does not compromise. he wants everything his way

the moon/venus midpoint is square to eros . this is another very affectionate aspect between you, but the venus/moon midpoint is in the 12th house ,which very often shows that the relationship is being hidden or that he may have other emotional connection that affect his and your relationship.

venus is square to Uranus which is one of the most intense aspect of spontaneous affection. it shows an intense attraction but this intensity does not usually last and therefore is not the type of affection that a serious relationship can be built on.

mars is square ot the sun/Neptune and moon/Neptune midpoint. this is a real red flag if you want to have a serious relationship with him, because it shows he will not be faithful and it is very likely that he is seeing other people right now or even has a serious girl friend.

there is no question there is an intense emotional and physical attraction between you, but this has all the markings of a brief affair and not a long term relationship

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