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Re: Does he want to date me?

very very interesting chart


lets start from the top

1. Merc is applying to Jupiter - yes he is interested in you. Merc is elevated meaning that A. it is faster than Jupiter - he is doing all the move and B. it is on the top of the chart

2. Merc is in libra and it is just entered via combusta - he is definately attracted to your feminine side (via combusta thought --- grinding my teeth.. may not be right person but we should see similar pattern in the entire chart)

3. Lets look at Jupiter - Jupiter is still retro debilitated plus it is in 3rd house below the horizon. (I will come back to this one)

4. Jupiter likes MERC (triplicity at nighttime) if you asked a question after sundown you should see merc is Jupiter's triplicity *check table of dignity)

5. are you attracted to him? here where it stinks... sun is in virgo in 9th house double problem. not only SUN gets rejected by jupiter but it gets rejected by venus your feminiity. Physically you might not be attracted to him (if not sexually)

6. moon .. ahhh here where there is another stinky one. .. so moon does sextile merc BUT look at the sextile.. moon (emotions) reject merc For sextile to work efficiently we need to have essentially strong planets and strong receptions and out of positive houses. we got positive houses but everything else stinls

returning to point 3. Jupiter .. Jupiter is not comfortable wth merc. possibly triplicty BUT nothing else screams for "I Want this guy!"

7. lord of 5th house is mars - it is in critical deg about to change signs to Libra - doesnt perform well at all.

IMO relationship will fizzle if it develops.

Let us know
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