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Re: Will my cat be OK?

Thank you, rafaella

My cat had an acute pancreatitis. There were warning signs and symptoms that started showing up a few weeks before. I should have noticed them, but at that time I wasn`t fully paying attention, as I was a bit sick myself

Astrology is literal sometimes:
At that time transiting Mars (my natal 8th ruler) has just entered my 6th hs of pets and immediately squared Uranus (modern 6th ruler)!
I was watching my transits, but I wasn`t pessimistic ( or realistic ) enough to expect this delineation to come true

However, there was a nice closure to this story two months later:

my dad found a female baby-cat almost starved and dehydrated to death on a tree outside of a small village.

He took her with him and took care of her and later on we decided to take her home with us.

It`s tragic, but if my other cat hadn`t died , we couldn`t have taken the baby-cat home.

And so the space that had been created by the loss, was filled by joy

She is really lovely (see my avatar) and she is now my new favourite kitty!

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