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indications of a true artist..?

I'm writing here to ask astrologers for what they see in my chart. I think it's easy for me to come to conclusions about my own chart, which could be true for anyone. But this aspect pattern really caught my eye.

Kite; Pluto opp. Saturn, Pluto sex. Venus & Moon, with a grand air trine between Saturn (11h) Venus (7h) and Moon (4h).

T square interacting w/ kite; Moon conj. IC, Moon opp. MC, and Chiron squ. IC, MC & Moon.

I really want to know about this kite though, and the specific energy manifested with the placements of the planets in the houses. I just can't seem to piece it together in my head.

I feel like these placements were highlighted in my mind seemingly overnight, and I truly want to know more about them. Piscean energy especially, I want to know everything and more about Pisces but the information feels hidden from me. But I say all of this as I literally think, breathe, and live through music. Music feels like it is the only thing I was meant to do, I feel so connected with artistry and I also feel like I have a very complex mind that is capable of creating said artistry. It is all I have done, all that has stuck with me, for years now.
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