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Re: Is my horoscope really bad?

you are currently running Rahu mahadasha and Saturn bhukti. your 7th lord and 10th lord are both Mercury only, who is situated in 12th house in his own star. Sun is also situated in 12th house which makes your finances very weak and not have any financial profits. Rahu is situated in 6th house and represents 7th lord mercury through aspect and Rahu in star of Sun who is in 12. these 6,7,12 links indicates tough times to get married. Its not that there is no marriage, but these links will make one to get vexed in the process. incidentally, mercury being your 10th lord also indicates few disappointments in career front, but linking to 6 and no links to 5, indicates you will not go out of job. entire Rahu Mahadasha until March 2031, you will be in service and continue to do your daily job.

with respect to marriage, previous mahadasha Jupiter is not linked to any marriage related houses hence not married before itself.

In Current Rahu mahadasha, Rahu is linked to 7th house so in this mahadasha you have to get married. saturn is in jupiter star and jupiter or saturn not linked to marriage houses. so current bhukti seems weak to get married. next comes mercury bhukti who is in his own star so he is powerful to get you married. in that Ketu seems powerful as in natal Ketu is conjunct with Mercury and during that duration, Ketu will be transiting in Mercury star too.

So, chances are you will get married in 2021 June 25 to 2021 August 20. and within that my strong guess is 2021 June 28 to 2021 July 8 which is Venus sookshma.

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Things are not going well for quite some time, due to delay in marriage and career-related problems. I am feeling extremely low these days. I am losing hope about my marriage and career. Would anyone be kind enough to check my horoscope? Are there any remedies I could follow? Please help.
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