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Re: Stuck in a Conundrum!

Ancient (but not Babylonian**) astrology considers the entire sign which contains the ascending degree to be the first house. If a rising planet is NOT in that sign, then, although the planet is rising, it is NOT considered to be in the first house. Within that first house, if a planet is at or above the ascending degree, it was delineated differently than if it were in the first house but below the specific ascending degree (see for example, Liber Hermetis, regarding the discussion of the Sun in the first house, ie, the Sun being in the sign of the ascending degree, but above vs below that specific ascending degree relative to delineative ramifications)
The ancient concept of horoscope was exactly as Carris mentions: it was the zodion (sign) in which the exact rising degree (ascending degree) was posited at the moment of birth: everything and anything in that sign = being in the horoscope, and the relationship within that sign to the ascending degree in that sign, was taken into consideration as being the essence of the horoscope.

**Babylonian astrology was not Hellenist (or Vedic) astrology; one big difference is that the Babylonians used the equator rather than the ecliptic as their point of reference (at least through around the 4th century BC, possibly through the 2nd century) That makes a very important difference! Concepts of domification were also not (apparaently) developed in Babylonian astrology, which concepts played such a significant role in Hellenistic (and later Western) astrology, as well as in Vedic astrology. From available historical sources it seems Hellenistic astrology borrowed from Babylonian (and even moreso, Egyptian) astrological doctrines, to create its own unique approach, but the fact remains that Hellenist astrology was not a COPY of either Babylonian or Egyptian doctrines.

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