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Re: Stuck in a Conundrum!

Originally Posted by Carris View Post
In general, the rising (i.e. the 12th HOUSE!) of heavenly bodies was considered favorable because then the positive characteristics of the gods were at their peak. By contrast, the setting of the same bodies was held to be a bad omen.
Excellent information Carris, and thanks for sharing it. I think that there may be one point here to be understood, in that when using whole sign, which is far older than any quadrant based system, and I believe what the ancients you refer to used, the rising sign was the 1st house, not the 12th. So a planet in the same sign as the ASC is considered to be rising. I also know that dr. farr has pointed out that the Hellenists gave different distinction to planets in the first whole sign house that were above the ASC (considered in the 12th today) than to planets that were below. Not to make too big a deal of it, but if we want to understand what those ancient astrologers were doing, we need to use the house system they were using. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Placidus.
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