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Re: Stuck in a Conundrum!

Originally Posted by Moog View Post
Thanks JUPITERASC. I have been following that thread, bits of it anyway.

I can't really imagine how holding back births for inauspicious days would affect the data.
Moog, if - in order to avoid "inauspicious days" - parents then reported births as occurring on days other than those days on which the births actually did occur then obviously, the house position of the planets as they were on the "auspicious days" could indeed differ from the house position of planets as they were for the actual birth on the inauspicious day.

Particularly if there is a difference of several days/weeks between the actual date of birth on the "inauspicious day"
and the claimed date of birth on the more auspicious day.

Thus invalidating the particular data collected from those parents at that time by the researchers
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