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Re: Stuck in a Conundrum!

Originally Posted by SniperBomber328 View Post
..........And too jupiterasc when you have the notion of why the 6th is better because it trines the MC....well in that logic, shouldn't the 5th be stronger than the 11th since the 5th trines the AC?
Not necessarily SniperBomber328 - a planet in the 5th trine the ASC is below the horizon while being carried by diurnal motion downwards towards the IC... and the IC is not as powerful as the MC.

A planet in the 11th is not only above the horizon but is also being carried by diurnal motion towards the 10th - and the 10th is more powerful than the IC

Hellenistically there are other considerations. For Horary and medieval astrology the house priority order is 1,10,7,4,11,5,9,3,2,8,6,12
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