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Looking for career advice based on my chart - Please help!

Hello kind folks. Good morning. I used to be into astrology a lot but I kind of strayed away from it these past few years. Now I am back and ready to dive in again!

Any way, I am 34 and have been living abroad for the past five years. I won’t get into the reasons behind my choice too much but I would like to move away from teaching. I just do not have the energy or passion for it anymore. In fact I am starting to grow tired of it and dislike some aspects of it and it is really starting to impact me a great deal mentally, emotionally and physically.

The only thing is, I am not sure what career path I should look at. I have some vague ideas but nothing concrete and that is a bit scary. I think working in journalism would be interesting as well as tourism since I love to travel and have been in 35 countries and lived in 5. Urban planning also seems intriguing, same with communications and perhaps even marketing. I love to write and would love to combine that with my love of travel but I know finding writing jobs is incredibly difficult and though I have a way with words, my spelling can be quite appalling. I have also tried, in vain, applying to countless NGOs over the years, seems like a hard field to break into. I was born and raised in the USA and have a very strong preference for living outside the USA but at the point I am so desperate to get out of teaching I would consider moving back to the states. Only thing is, my wife is not from the USA, so even if I wanted to go back, that is a huge hurdle (getting her visa). I feel like teaching is having such an impact on me, it is even starting to hurt the marriage, sadly.

Having said all that, I feel a little limited with my degree, a BA in Sociology and don’t have the funds to go back to school for a masters. I have been trying to connect like crazy on linkedin but that has resulted in limited success thus far. I guess the reason teaching abroad attracted me all those years ago, in my early 20s, was because I could see other countries and I did not need a teaching certificate for many of these positions. So when I was 23 I went to China for two years. Since then, the only replies I ever heard back were for teaching jobs and now, 11 years later, here I am, still teaching. But now I feel trapped and am struggling to look for alternatives.

Perhaps in my reflection and self analysis I am missing something that can maybe be seen in my chart from someone outside my situation. That is where you can hopefully come in. Perhaps you see something and can offer some advice in regards to my potential or areas of strength because right now I feel pretty low about myself and my “talents”. I would be forever grateful and become a firm believer in the kindness of strangers during these confusing times. I feel like dealing with the stresses of teaching has prepared me to deal with nearly any stress (outside of retail). I also guess the ***** thing is I might always see a career as a means to an end to travel more. It would be cool to do something I like, not even love, but just like.

Thank you.
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