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Re: Which planet represents progress?

Originally Posted by norbertsco View Post

I think the Jupiter and the Libra Venus show progress.
The Jupiter makes a "tolerant put together".
This tolerant means he do not do it very exactly.
The Libra Venus makes growing together.
And the Libra Venus is so diplomatic she mix also together the white sheeps with the black sheeps.

Some other planets are helpful.
The Uranus is able to make something very quickly.

But perhaps this "quickly" is only so quickly we are not able to see an
evoloutionary development.
This is the deeper reason Uranus stands for revolution.

What planets are definitly not making progress to the future?
This is the Saturn.
The Saturn tells the things of the past and wants to determine
that over the presence to the future.
That is the dependence of the future from the past.

The Pluto is the genetically information of the past.
The Pluto is the director that controls the influences of
the past to the future.

Jupiter and Libra Venus have their own and new thouhgts of future
and make something new against the will of Saturn and Pluto.

Best regards
I agree with JUPITER and LIBRA
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