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Originally Posted by PlutoLibScoAsc View Post
Personally, I find the description of venus Scorpio is so overrated especially the one "they are so sexy" and "everyone wants a piece of them", lol. I think this is could be caused by Youtube Astrologer Alyssa and it influenced so many people and then it spread like a disease, lol.

I know some people that has Venus Scorpio. No, the word sexy doesn't even come to my mind. Alyssa's husband has Venus Scorpio and I don't find Alyssa's husband sexy nor good looking. I have guyfriends & girlfriends that has venus Scorpio. No, I don't find them that sexy and some they're just not sexy, their body don't scream sexy. I actually find one (sun & venus Scorpio) look so funny that she is like a female version of SpongeBob, lol. No, I don't hate them. They're my friends. I just want true and real facts. So what is you guys' findings? your real life experience after meeting a venus Scorpio, share?
Plute what made you curious about Venus in Scorpio apart from sponge bob? Something must have triggered it?
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