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Re: Astrological Signature

Originally Posted by Jovee1982 View Post
Also, astrological signature is it even something to consider?
The focus for an astrological signature I've usually studied is to find the planet that rules the chart. Planets are the actors, the operators, the power to direct one's life. Astrologers have always looked to see what dominates. It could be seen through use of the final dispositor or Sun sign. "Sun sign" has been shown to be a week symbol as a final signature as many say they don't fit their Sun sign.

This idea of the Master of the Nativity can be seen as early as the ancient astrologer Vettius Valens in 100 BCE. The idea was the planet had power to characterize the entire life. "Makes clear what kind of person the native will be. What kind of foundation his livelihood will have. What his character will be. What sort of body, health and appearance he will have"

It's a little complicated technique to determine the signature but studying famous people's charts has shown it to be a powerful tool in reading a natal chart, imo.

Mars is the ruler of my chart. It is peregrine and having lived a full life I can say feeling like I don't belong is prevalent in my character. In Virgo I strive to be perfect feeling that is what is needed to belong. A losing endeavor for sure. :-) Although, I did use this trait for a successful cleaning business. People loved the way I clean their home and my going above and beyond gave me the ability to feel connected to others is some way.

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