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Originally Posted by passiflora View Post
Other positions and aspects aside, how do you cheer or make laugh a Capricorn moon?
If something is getting me down, there's not too much someone can say or do that will take me out of it. Even when feeling pleasant or calm, compliments make me uncomfortable. In time I've learned to just say thank you rather than deflect it, but the interaction of a compliment (even if it comes across very sincere and is directed at something I'm cautiously proud of) will probably always be awkward to me. Unfortunately it goes both ways, and I very rarely compliment other people, but will always thank someone for helping me, whether it's a small thing or a big one.

What makes me happy... spending quality time with people I care about, talking with them. Often small gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness from other people go unnoticed in the moment, but I will think of them soon after and realize they were being kind to me, and will feel the emotional response then, in the privacy of reflection. I want to stress that this isn't done intentionally, just difficult to receive emotional cues on the spot. I often reflect on this, and feel sad that I'm not able to be more emotionally present for people, and quite lonely when I realize that my sincere appreciation and affection is generally not received by the other party, as it happens wistfully, in retrospect. Hopefully that makes sense.

Such a cheery post this was, haha. In short I'm not sure how to bring happiness to a Capricorn moon! But speaking for me personally, your attempts to do so won't be in vain, although it will feel that way.
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