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Re: Which planet represents progress?

Are you talking about social progress, or individual progress?

If you mean social progress, I think it's all three of the planets you named, together.

Uranus for change, revolution, new technologies, movement of the people.

Jupiter for optimism, vision, and opportunities. Collectively, Jupiter also represents belief: social mores, religion, politics.

Saturn for structure, and for keeping progress on track. While Saturn is extremely conservative, it's a kind of conservatism that can actually be progressive. With Saturn, we understand what needs to be preserved, and get the idea of bringing back old ways if they seem to be what we need right now. For example, organic farming is very Saturnian: a return to older methods, eschewing chemical pesticides and fertilizers and genetically engineered crops, in the interests of preserving the environment and seed stocks and better food. Yet, organic farming is also a progressive movement.

Social progress requires all of those planets. It won't work with just one of them.

If you're talking about individual progress, I would pay more attention to the sun: what's transiting it, what's happening with the progressed sun. Solar arc progressions may also be useful here. A person's Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus tell us something about who and what may help them progress, but I would look at the sun first.
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