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Re: List of Erroneous, Illogical and Fictitious Systems in Astrology

Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
Where did I say it does not work? No, I did not, I am just saying there has never been founded argument for its mechanism, just as there is no one for reading liver entrails or augury. To many astrologers, it didn't seem right to classify astrology with these fields of ''divination''.
Just trying to get a picture of the intention behind your post, which was in part to bring foward the discussion about Morin's ideas (which to be honest is about time we have it), so just trying to see how much of what you wrote was playing devil's advocate.

Well the argument has always been that questions are created at a certain time for a specific purpose and thus a chart can be drawn for them. In the similar manner that elective is used to create a specific event. Aren't those functionally similar?
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