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Re: List of Erroneous, Illogical and Fictitious Systems in Astrology

In the latter capacity in 1983, Curry and four other UK astrologer/academics privately published a series of theoretical papers utilizing phenomenology, structuralism, linguistics, psychoanalysis, Marxist thought, modern physics and feminist critical theory to explore astrological theory and practice. Curry’s own paper, An Aporia for Astrology, deserves a larger audience, since it is one of the first serious attempts to devise a taxonomic classification of modern astrological thought. Adopting a strategy analogous to Michel Foucault’s “epistemes”, Curry located divinatory astrology within the camp of Hermeneutic Astrology, which he characterized as being “a way of preserving and developing a ‘magical’ attitude, at a time and in a society that is hostile to such an attitude. Such an attitude is identified with the kind of mystical experience described in mystical and religious literature, and in Heidegger’s philosophy.” -
I think I almost got a heart attack, though it is interesting to read about the Cornelius camp. In any case, the causal conceptualization of astrology is most definitely not Ptolemaic, with abundance of evidence of it in Dorotheus, Manetho or Pliny the Elder. The list I can go through is much, although for a summary of this topic, I recommend page 146 of Chris Brennan's book.
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