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Re: Saturn Return in the 5th in Virgo

Originally Posted by aquarius7000
Hi EJ,

Not sure I understand what exactly you are looking for: a general explanation on forward-retrograde-forward planetary motion (of Saturn here); or personal experiences related to rx-periods, perhaps during Sat returns?

I will try to help if I can, if you could clarify.
Thanks aquarius,

Ideally, I'm seeking an experienced based (rather than general or textbook) explanation/theory of Saturn Return forward-retrograde-forward motion - supported by examples, if possible.

For me, the Saturn Return works like a Solar Return - but focusing upon Saturn/lessons to be learned rather than Sun/self, and applying for some 30 years rather than one. So, we have both specific transit events to learn from at the time of the transit itself - and ongoing learning that takes place throughout the next Return cycle. I understand how to use the transit events at each pass and the ongoing information in the Return Chart at the final forward pass - but how does the "ongoing" info in the first two passes apply? My guess is that it applies only until the next pass - but has anyone got views/experience that either supports or refutes this?

In my own case, the first Saturn Return transit events provided material rewards - indicating (in textbook fashion), rewards for effort/hard work throughout the first Saturn Cycle. So, my interpretation was "carry on doing what you've been doing and life/Saturn will continue to reward you accordingly". However, the ongoing information in the Saturn Return Chart was actually saying "well done so far, but now you need to change course" - the Soul Purpose being to now move away from Saturn's family/environmental conditioning towards becoming a Uranian individual following my "charted path". The result was that I stayed in my "saturn career" for 15 years too long - before the Uranus Half-Return created the circumstances that forced me to leave it at the second Saturn Half-Return. So, I'm keen not to miss the ongoing message in my Second Saturn Return - and for Omnia/others not to miss it in their own charts either.

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