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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

I have been reading the very intelligent posts on this thread from both points of view.
I have read up a little on this subject when my Grandchildren were due for their vaccinations.Both my daughters'opted for the single shots rather than the MMR.This was at the time Andrew Wakefield was ostracised for his findings.It was possible at that time in England to have single injections at different times for mumps,measles and rubella.However this was stopped by the government.Why? Anyone's guess is as good as mine,but could it have been pressure from the drug companies?Parents had paid privately for these of course.

A bit later one of my girls moved to Pasadena USA and when my Grandson went to his new school as a five year old she was told he would have to have the MMR although they would accept single vaccines if he had had them.I'm not sure exactly what he did have in the end. But my daughter was told in conversation with the representative of the school about a case of autism which was known to her, which had received compensation.This was due to the fact the child had received by mistake two doses of MMR in one day.How this negligence had happened was unclear but it certainly makes you think.

I have listened and respect all the points made by people who are in favour of MMR and they may very well be right.But there is an intuitive feeling in my psyche that I cannot shake off that Andrew Wakefield was on to something.I especially sympathise with the view that there are too many vaccines given to children too young when their immune systems are not developed enough.

I am a very intuitive person (strong pisces born on the cusp between pisces and aries,with mercury in pisces)enough of that.
Incidentally my Grandson also had the chickenpox vaccine and promptly got it.The only vaccines that I'm in real favour of are,diptheria and polio.

Also one point which no one seems to address is why the rubella component of MMR for young children?They are not going to come to harm from rubella it is only pregnant women who should be protecting themselves.Up until a few years ago girls of 14 yrs were given their rubella jab routinely at school in the UK .This has been stopped no doubt due to reliance on MMR.
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